Carpathian Basin traditional folk costumes

The most prominent exhibition of folk costumes in Europe

An exhibition of the costumes worn by the peoples and nationalities of the Carpathian Basin, where more than 300 original outfits are on display. What makes this exhibit special is the diversity of the objects and their placement in surroundings that are similar to the original, a display unprecedented since the 1896 Millennium Exhibition. Every minute spent at the exhibition is a gift to its visitors – it describes an imaginary, almost quarter-century and several thousand kilometre-long journey that began in the first half of the 20th century. With the help of this exceptional and truly irreplaceable spectacle – costumes from Mezőkövesd, Nyitra, Kéménd, Máramaros, Toroczkó, Vista, Kalocsa, Ecser, Sióagárd, Kapuvár, and several hundred more outfits, headdresses, and materials – the visitor is offered a comprehensive and authentic picture of a lesser-known field of ethnography: traditional folk costumes.