Carpathian Basin traditional folk costumes

Matyó new wife’s festive costume from Mezőkövesd

Provincialism: Matyó
Region: Mezőkövesd
The hair is parted and goes back from the forehead. Bridal headdress, i.e. rezes, tarás suta, is on the head. The so-called tara, with a cardboard base and decorated with golden bone-lace and colored ribbons affixed in front of the decorated tok made of hard pasteboard, was affixed to the chignon on the top of the head. Flower patterns made of colored paper, colored glass beads and silver threads were affixed to the front of this tara. Both the rékli and the zubbony are made of brocade silk. There is a neck shawl made of satin is under the rékli. A black and blue hair-striped pattern in ten rows decorates the bottom of the skirt. Both the rékli and the skirt are trimmed with colorful ribbons, velvet bone-lace and black bone-lace. There is a surc (apron) decorated with colorful ribbons and ragyogó (gold lace) and black silk knitted fringes on the skirt.

Bosnian man’s costume from Mohács

Provincialism: Dunántúl
Region: Mohács
A wool hat is on the head. The shirt and the loose trousers are both made out of linen. The fitting of the trousers edges, as well as its bottom, are decorated with mesterke trimming. The so-called szűr, made of white cloth, edged with black cloth and rich in colorful embroidery, is an extraordinary piece in this costume.